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The Lifestyle of the Limpet

The lifestyle of the limpet is very remarkable. It is described in a note written by Alex in February 2010. For more, click here.

The Mulitiplicity of Protestant Denominations

It is interesting how, after splitting from Rome, the protestant movement continued to split into numerous independent denominations. Please click here.

Choosing the New Master

Choosing the New Master. A fictional account of a Fellows meeting at a Cambridge College, called to choose a new Master. Written by Alex in an idle moment in January 2010. Has no connection with reality.


The Extinction of the Human Race

Alex Reid contribution to a debate on whether population growth is the greatest threat to human survival. Cambridge Society for the Application of Research, 18.4.16.

Classic Cars

The stories of some great 20th century car makers, told in words, images and song. This website was put together by Alex in 2009 as a homage to some great cars and some great singers. For more, click here.


This website is published by Alex Reid, 27 Millington Road, Cambridge CB3 9HW. Telephone: +44 1223 319733. Email: aalreid(at) It is an electronic scrap book, containing family life stories, casual articles, and family memorabilia.


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